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In the light of the changes and new guidelines of the OCT:


On 19 January 2017, a new list of the President of UTK on the relevant national technical specifications and standardisation documents, the application of which enables the fulfilment of essential requirements for the interoperability of the railway system, was published. The new list is an update and supplementation of the existing one, in particular as regards technical standards applicable to particular types of structures, equipment and railway vehicles and structural subsystems.


The new list, in terms of fire prevention measures, indicates standard 45545-2. As a result, LgY-K can no longer be used for upgrades as ZNTKi has done up to now. There are transitional periods for some of the provisions, which were indicated in the published document (about 3 months from the date of publication of the new List of the President of UTK).


We are pleased to announce that,Rogum Kable Sp.zo.o.has been awarded the European certificate for the standard 45545-2 :2013 "Railway Industry - Protection in railway vehicles.Part 2 : Requirements for materials and components with regard to fire properties".

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This regulation lowers the credibility of many economic entities, which until now have been based only on the manufacturer's declaration without tests from accredited laboratories when entering public procurement. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the halogen-free materials used in the cables ensure difficult ignition of the installation and lack of toxic and corrosive gases in combustion products. Due to these properties, cables of this construction are recommended for use in vehicles for transporting people and goods, public buildings and where an increased level of safety is required. The use of halogen-free cables from Rogum Kable Sp.zo.o. guarantees protection of human life against the effects of toxic gases emitted during combustion, and ensures protection of electrical equipment against corrosion. Corrosion is caused by the action of hydrochloric acid produced during combustion of the currently used PVC halogen cables on the market.



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